Zheng Wanxia’s heart, for example an excellent deer from the headlights

Zheng Wanxia’s heart, for example an excellent deer from the headlights

Queen Qi’s look decrease for the Skip Zheng, Skip Zheng checked-out your if you will, hanging their head, face sweaty, “This is simply not too-good, right.”

“It will be the more youthful queen that removed new freedom.” Queen Qi’s voice decreased, Miss Zheng’s refusal seemed to disappoint your.

“Evening Xia, the brand new queen have a good intention, how can you reject it?” A couple of Miss Zheng’s girlfriends was in fact movie theater nerds, and you will less than its persuasion, Skip Zheng half-pushed and you can half-accommodated herself with the King Qi’s container.

Zheng Wanxia’s companion, softly tugging Zheng Wanxia’s case, came up to their ear, “Wanxia, I did not expect the latest king’s preference getting exactly like your own personal.”

Zheng Wanxia blushed far more, “Cannot speak nonsense, there are only several types of pastries in the opera yard, if not buy this type of, just what otherwise can you order.”

On field, the newest queen off Qi summoned the guys to buy beverage and you will desserts, affect pie, accumulated snow beverage desserts, ice polygonum cake are Zheng Wanxia like to eat

“From the you to definitely Yuan Bao pastry and you may sesame pastry are definitely the trademark pastries of your own theater, proper?” The woman buddy smiled narrowly.

“The fresh king merely randomly bought several pastries, all of us consume together, rather than …… that you don’t state la.” Zheng Wanxia told you shyly.

While you are speaking, the guy delivered teas and you can meals in, Qi Wang gestured your to put this new delicacies before Zheng Wanxia, “The flavor of those items isn’t bad.”

The lady friend pressed the girl eye brows at the Zheng Wanxia, exactly who pretended never to view it and told you softly, “After that I am going to try it.”

Zheng Wanxia obtained a bit of snowfall beverage puff pastry, grabbed a little bite, consumed elegantly and humane, Qi Wang privately noticed this lady, as long as not blind, can see the fresh passion throughout the eyes from Qi Wang. Whenever Zheng Wanxia completed food this new snow teas puff pastry, Queen Qi individually introduced the brand new pot and you can poured a cup of beverage for her, “Provides a drink out of beverage.”

“Many thanks, Their Majesty.” Zheng Wanxia elevated the woman sight, darted a peek at King Qi, and you can lower her eyelids once spojrzeД‡ na to teraz more.

An early on woman in early degrees regarding love have absolutely nothing effectiveness males off noble standing and good looking looks, also so it boy plus acted because if he was caring and had love for her

At this time into the stage, the newest playwright sang: “…… I drink drink to you to enjoy vegetation and you may 100 % free.”

New queen from Qi picked up their cup beverage, with buzzing, “We take in wines with you to love plant life and you may free.”

Zheng Wanxia pursed her throat and you will smiled, she felt that brand new Queen out of Qi are singing from the your along with her. Although Queen off Qi already has actually a great concubine, allow her to resign sideways concubine reputation, and you can she is a little reluctant. With regards to genealogy and family history, the fresh new Zheng family unit members surpasses brand new Qiu household members, the woman pops try an earlier grasp, bro, dad, bro, aunt are officials on the court, she’s brand new queen consort, Qiu because the a side consort, it is becoming.

The newest playwright had been singing into the stage, however, Zheng Wanxia don’t tune in to one phrase, this lady heart was in chaos and she did not select. The first occasion I watched the movie, I was able to get toward end of your tell you.

“I am hoping you will see other chance to observe the latest play with Miss later on.” Queen Qi said that have strong love.

Zheng Wanxia failed to react, go beyond the newest solid wood feces on the carriage and you can turned-back to help you Qi Wang having a timid laugh. The newest king regarding Qi saw the fresh new carriage exit, addicted his throat, that it lady cannot avoid their hand.