a€?I dona€™t have actually seafood, merely ilish,a€? lots of men are heard confessing in a sensitive moment

a€?I dona€™t have actually seafood, merely ilish,a€? lots of men are heard confessing in a sensitive moment

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50 reasons a€“ not to marry a bengali man!

1. Much about Bengali males is approximately food. An important many modern Bengali men, unlike their unique forefathers, condemn seafood. Excepting ilish, when it comes to people think it’s great as well. a€?I dona€™t have actually fish, merely ilish,a€? lots of men happen heard confessing in a tender second. Simply because they love ilish, they’re not going to worry if people achieve https://datingmentor.org/dog-dating/ this also. Really love means they are blind. The guys need ideal peti (belly-piece), for they do say they have been afraid of the kaantas, fishbones. Ilish abounds in them, which makes it challenging. Girls, at some stage in their own existence, figure out how to handle the kaantas, but confronting all of them able-bodied people be bashful and tremble. Its smart off. Ladies are kept to work their own way through the thick-with-bones gaada pieces and guys just relax and invite the ilish working in it. Fundamentally, the women will liking chewing the bones and are thought about sexy while they are at it a€” remember the photographer-lover evaluating Paroma inside the movie of the identical label?

Anyhow, if people wona€™t bring fish, why do they relish the most effective elements of ilish? You notice it rhymes, that is maybe not a coincidence. Ilish is poetry a€” and Bengali people posses special liberties over both.

They hog discussions exactly the same way.

2. A similar Powerpoint speech will explain precisely why the leg little bit of the poultry normally set aside when it comes down to man from the desk. You will find one more explanation here. Expanding Bengali males, exactly who keep developing into developing Bengali guys, wanted more a€?proteina€?, and that is good for the a€?braina€?. The a€?braina€?, whenever encased around the head of a boy, was a collective Bengali fixation. Nurtured by his mothers, Horlicks and poultry legs, it would be a powerful tool as he grows up: it’s going to be the best aim reached by men with a stable, decent task, besides are the embodiment of gender appeal. A Bengali people draws girls towards him together with a€?braina€?. Hence the popular Bengali sayings: Maachher muro khao, brain-er pokkhe bhalo (have actually fishhead, ita€™s best for the brain); television dekho na, brain-er pokkhe kharap (Dona€™t see TV, ita€™s harmful to the brain); Beshi khela dhula brain-er pokkhe kharap (way too much recreation was harmful to mental performance); Amartya Sen maachher maatha kheye boro hoyechhen (Amartya Sen grew up on fishheads). Fishheads becoming another effective Bengali fixation.

3. But guys in fact look down upon girls for chewing fishbones. Or even for ingesting green chillis privately along with their foods. Therea€™s a suggestion of corruption or perversion about both of these points a€” like a clean piece of seafood is morally superior and liking the bones are an unmentionable proclivity. Or liking a hot eco-friendly chilli is actually somewhat carnal. As a character in Tagorea€™s short-story Khudhito Pashan, dismissive about female, place it: girls love hot chillis, bitter tamarind and a stern husband. Though he didna€™t identify which had been the worst for her.

5. Egg chicken roll.

6. dual egg poultry roll.

7. The Sunday mutton meal. And after that males are only able to go to bed.

8. They truly dona€™t wish go to the bazaar, not really into AC stores for grocery or vegetable buying, particularly the new-age Bengali man. How he tiptoes through the seafood market makes the girlfriend cringe.

9. lots of men still generate that slurping sounds as they take in. They sneeze, cough and yawn louder.

10. They count on people to provide them in the dining room table. At the very least she should be urging him onto the proper bowls.

11. They count on the ladies will carry the filthy dishes to your sink, clear the dining table and set aside the remains in best bins.

12. If they manage place the edibles out, the fridge appears to be a battleground, with a number of things dismembered, dismantled and oozing drinks. In any case, they might never ever washed the refrigerator. Ditto for your cooking fuel.

13. When they are inebriated they invoke Robi Thakur (Rabindranath Tagore). They often decide on the cosmic, particularly, Debabrataa€™s rendition of Akash bhora surjo tara, and after that they’ve got dinner.

14. But then when they are sober why are they nevertheless talking about Sachin Tendulkar versus Sourav Ganguly, and backing Dada to victory?

15. In public places, they appreciate Nandita Das. In information, they want to be Salman Khan.

16. unique will be the Bengali guy just who looks good in a proper fit. He stops halfway engrossed. The guy looks rectangular. Or round. But proud. Should you query your why, he is likely to claim that intellect try inversely proportional to peak inside the area of the globe. He can end up being smug, most smug.

17. Which dona€™t take away through the fact that couple of Bengali men look fantastic in denim jeans and a tee.

18. For the very same reasons, they be seemingly running regarding dance flooring. From in which they usually are not picked up. Not Surprisingly.

19. They really want biryani actually at a Chinese restaurant. And chow mien at a mughlai eatery. Bad binary animals.

20 . Best men could possibly get to arrange pujas and dismiss everything else for four period.